This script "hebrewifies" text. The idea behind this is, that neurosciences apparently found out (don't ask me for sources), that when reading hebrew or arabic scripture, other parts of the brain are activated, due to their nature of not including vowels and being read from right to left.

This apparently activates more creative parts of the brain, resulting in a more picture-like imagination. Therefore, the experience of reading scripture can be different, or more existential for some people.

I've therefore created a script that takes a western text (like this one), strips vowels and flips the text, so it's readable from left to right.

While this is often more difficult to read than the efficient western style of writing, the hope is that this can lead to other experiences while reading scripture.

Let's see if this works.

Take Psalms 23 as an example (you can copy and paste any other text as well):

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